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Located on the shores of the Chao Phraya River near Bangkok, technology meets tradition at RAKxa to give you a once-in-a-lifetime wellness and travel experience. 

RAKxa’s transformative experience begins at home and carries on long after guests leave, unearthing a complete blueprint of health that enables certified medical doctors from VitalLife, a subsidiary of Bumrungrad International Hospital, and holistic therapists to prescribe a precise treatment plan based on the packages available. VitalLife medical doctors work alongside experts of time-honored healing disciplines in RAKxa’s Holistic Wellness Centre, bringing science and tradition together. 

RAKxa’s programs include YOUR DNA, Long-Covid, Immunity Boosting, Detox, De-Stress, GUT Health, Mobilization, Weight Management, Facial & Body Solution and a Discover RAKxa program. 

Bang Krachao: Bangkok’s green lung and city oasis

An escape to Bang Krachao, known as Bangkok‘s Green Lung, can offer welcome respite from the crowded city. Just across the Chao Phraya River, this largely agricultural area comprises 16 sq km of mangrove forests, small homesteads, and elevated pathways precariously perched above the canals. Youll find a floating market, 250yearold Buddhist temples and a fully integrative wellness retreatRAKxa, where a team of visionary doctors and specialists will guide you on a path to flourishing, empowering you to make profound lifestyle transformations. For more information, visit RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat | 2023 Condé Nast Award Winner

Feast on Bangkok’s Famous Street Food

Home to what could well be the worlds most vibrant street food culture, Bangkok offers travelers a mindboggling variety of light bites and cheap meals, dished out on almost every street corner. From Thaistyle fried noodles, dumplings in myriad flavors, platters of fiery curries and jasmine rice, meaty skewers sizzling on barbecues, freshcut tropical fruit or a vast array of deepfried desserts, the choice of street food in Bangkok is endless.

Admire the regal grandeur of Wat Phra Kaew &
The Grand Palace

Admire the regal grandeur of Wat Phra Kaew & The Grand Palace

Spectacular and majestic, the royal complex made up of Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace was established by former Thai kings as the nerve center of a capital city that soon expanded far beyond its original boundaries on the island of Ko Ratanakosin to become the modernday Bangkok. 

Consecrated in 1782, the sprawling complex which formerly served as the official residence of the Thai monarchy is home to a number of imposing palaces, reception halls, temples and courtyards, and is easily the citys biggest tourist attraction. The best reason to come here, however, is to visit the adjacent Wat Phra Kaew temple, home to Thailands most sacred religious artifact, the Emerald Buddha actually made from jade and dating back to the 12th or 13th century.

Soak up the buzzing atmosphere of Chinatown

A photographers muse, a foodies dream, a shoppers paradise and a cultural anthropologists fantasy that’s Bangkok’s Chinatown. Packed into one of Bangkoks oldest boroughs, the district is a riotous supernova of smokespewing food carts, goldladen jewelry stores, atmospheric temples, vibrant food markets and quaint family homes.

Take a sunset river cruise on the Chao Phraya River

Depending on your choice of vessel options stretch from sophisticated teakwood boats with curated finedining facilities to hulking catamarans outfitted with flashy lights and loud onboard entertainment you’ll be treated to either an atmospheric candlelit dinner served up by a private chef or a raucous floating party with thumping music and a buffet to feed a few hundred guests. Either way, its worth an evening of your time, not least for the cool evening river breeze that blows away the discomfort of a hot Bangkok day.

Book in for a pummeling Thai massage

Blending ancient healing techniques and natural products aimed at holistically reviving the mind and body, Thai massage is one of Bangkoks top experiences. The city has an unshakeable reputation as the massage capital of the world, and a vigorous kneading, particularly after a long day of sightseeing, can be heavenly.

Throw yourself into a Bangkok shopping spree

In this shoppingobsessed city, malls daisychain into an almost continuous shopping precinct, and the pavements in between the malls serve as a spillover retail space for vendors without a postal address. As well as top international brands, Bangkok is a longestablished destination for bespoke tailoring, and has its own emerging fashion scene.

Learn to make Thai food at a cooking school

Cooking schools in Bangkok range from formal affairs for amateur chefs to home cooking for the recipephobic. Everyone always has a grand time visiting a wet market, fumbling with ingredients, tasting the fruits of their labor and trotting home with new cooking techniques.

Safety and Security

COVID-19 Updates as of January 2023:

  • Proof of vaccination is no longer required.
  • Travelers from the listed countries requiring negative RTPCR test before departure from Thailand should have health insurance covering at least 10,000 USD for COVID19 treatment that covers the duration of stay in Thailand plus 7 additional days
    • 1. Mainland China 
    • 2. India 
  • Holders of Thai passports and transit/transfer passengers are exempted from the health insurance checks

Any passenger having symptoms of COVID19 on arrival shall be recommended to get a COVID19 test at arrival.

For more information on COVID19, please visit

Road Travel

Traveling within Thailand is relatively simple with buses, trains, planes, and boats making it possible to reach nearly all areas of the country rather easily. Within the city of Bangkok taxis, motorcycles, cars, and an extensive subway system connects the entire city. For those who choose to drive in Thailand, there are some important points to consider regarding the laws and regulations that govern driving in Thailand. The website Driving in Thailandprovides comprehensive information on the rules, regulations, and expectations that come along with driving in Thailand.

Healthcare and Emergency

In the case where medical assistance is required during the conference, please contact

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Tourist Attractions/ Experiences

Tourist Attractions/ Experiences